Stuck in Agar world? Try Hack Bots!

Gaming is the ultimate escape from reality for many of us! We love the immense thrill of ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ in a completely virtual set-up, with none of the actual stress. It’s an adrenaline rush like no other and we grab every chance we get to let virtual reality take over! PSP’s and Xboxes have replaced erstwhile videogames in every house as children effortlessly control complicated devices to play highly graphic based games like Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto. However, with a fast-paced lifestyle, adults are finding it increasingly difficult to sit in front of a TV set and play games on an Xbox. Mobile gaming has entered this niche and taken the world by a ‘virtual’ storm.

Be it simulation, strategy or role play, it’s a gamer’s paradise out there, with apps available for every age group starting from toddlers to adults. One such extremely addictive multi-player game is

The Rules

It’s a survival game in which the player is an amoeba-like life form that becomes bigger by gobbling up food strewn across a map and also other smaller players. The whole game is set on an ‘agar plate’ (hence the name!). The player can only consume players smaller than him. The bigger you are, the slower and smaller area you can cover while moving. Similarly you can get ‘gobbled up’ by a bigger player. So, be alert! You might be a big amoeba but there’s always one bigger than you on the Agar plate. There are three entities which form the basis of Agar – pellets, cells and viruses. Players can throw parts of their own cell towards an imminent neighboring cell or food to become bigger in size. The mass of a cell reduces over time. hacks are popular with gamers to win in higher levels. There are many hack bots available online that help eager gamers gobble their way to glory on the agar plate!